Scalable, flexible, compliant and secure.

We take a platform approach to adapt to your security demands.


With our software-first approach, we remove the handcuffs to the device you pick today. That way you can maintain visibility into your biometric security system as you grow and scale.


Whether you need a product for outdoors, with multi-class card capabilities and biometrics, face recognition or even for server cabinets, we accommodate a variety of use cases.


We have experience designing solutions to address your compliance goals such as meeting requirements within HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC-2, ISO with biometrics, multi-authentication, security and audit trails.


Something you have. Something you are. Biometrics and multi-authentication provide greater assurance of who is accessing a specific area – meaning only those who should have access get access.

We offer solutions  that fit your needs today and grow with you tomorrow

Access Control Software

Whether you’re looking to retrofit or for a fresh start,

BioConnect Enterprise supports over 25 integrations to the leading access control solutions. Or, consider Suprema BioStar’s standalone IP Access Control software, purpose-built for Suprema devices.

BioConnect Enterprise

25+ Integrations to Access Control

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BioStar 2

Biometric IP Access Control

BioStar 2 on Mobile and Desktop

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Biometric Hardware

Secure every physical access point with dual-factor biometrics.

We provide a suite of the world-renowned Suprema biometric hardware as well as a biometric lock specifically designed for server cabinets.

Pick an option that suits your security needs

Facestation 2

FaceStation 2

BioEntry W2

BioEntry W2

Biostation 2

BioStation 2

Cabinet Shield


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