Product Overview

Dual-Factor Biometrics at Cabinet

CabinetShield was created to address both compliance and customer security requirements with dual-factor authentication (fingerprint plus card) to secure server cabinets.

Add CabinetShield to your enterprise access control solution using the BioConnect Enterprise Software. We’ve integrated into 80% of the access control market; for the first time ever, making it possible to gain dual-factor level security from the front door all the way to the server cabinet.


  • 125 KHz HID Prox
  • iClass SE/SR/SEOS
  • Highest Security and Protection of your Data
  • Biometrics and multi-factor authentication provide secure control of your data.
  • Indisputable Audit Trail
  • Event-based reporting with stronger assurance of identity to access critical data.
  • Fits all standard EMKA style cut outs
  • The 50 x 50mm sizing fits majority of cabinets.


Security in the Data Center

In this white paper, a number of key topics relating to security innovation in physical data center security and dual-factor authentication for data centers will be introduced.