Network-Based Security

Security your IT team can get onboard with.

BioConnect’s solutions can protect devices the same way you would a computer or a switch to give even your device security, the highest level of network security. In addition to standard architectural designs, we have options to provide users with greater security and protection of the corporate network such as OSDP, 802.1x and IPv6.

Advanced Enterprise Deployment Structure

Master and Regional Architecture

Spread data across regions and countries while maintaining one central server.

  • High Availability
  • Improve Redundancy
  • Load Balancing
  • Maintain Data Sovereignty

Secure Device Communication to the Panel

BioConnect supports both wiegand and OSDP device communication to the access control panel. OSDP-Certified devices provide greater security, more transparency and greater functionality.

  • Wiegand
  • OSDP

802.1x Protocol

Ensures that only certified devices can connect to the corporate network. BioConnect uses a certificate exchange to authenticate to the corporate network.


To prepare for the impending global transition to IPv6 and support enterprises already in the transition, BioConnect has incorporated this extra measure into our network structure.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Protection

Whether in the auditing process or at deployment, the BioConnect Data Center Division can help to design solutions that will address your compliance goals with biometrics, multi-authentication, security and audit trails.



Biometrics security has advanced to support features like live finger detection, incredibly accurate and fast sensors, multi-frequency card support and network security features like OSDP and 802.1x.



Documentation is critical. Through the integration of biometrics with over 25 of the leading access control solutions, BioConnect allows you to monitor and provide proof of access events.



Biometrics and multi-authentication provide greater assurance of who is accessing your or your customer’s most critical data -- meaning only those who should have access get access.

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