Data Center Partners

Data center providers investing time in the big picture.

Whether you’re a colocation provider, wholesale facility or enterprise data center, security is not a “keeping the lights on” activity.

We’re the biometrics experts, so you don’t have to be. We partner with best-in-class data centers to develop and implement long-term strategies for biometrics and security.

“We do get inquiries from customers on what’s coming next. What are you implementing? The demand for more and better security is constant, and we love hearing about the new features so we can share it with them.”

Kelly Lane, Director of Data Center Operations, Data Bank

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Our culture sets us apart

Grow and scale no matter what type of organization

Colocation and Wholesale

  • Introduce new revenue streams
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Meet your compliance goals


  • Keep data in sync with access control
  • Standardize integrations
  • Leverage multiple types of biometric readers

Why Partner with Us?

We can help you answer:

  • How is logical security influencing physical security?
  • Can we create a path to standardizing hardware and software?
  • How can biometrics scale across our organization as we grow or merge with other providers?
  • What is the best technology currently available?


Security in the Data Center

In this white paper, a number of key topics relating to security innovation in physical data center security and dual-factor authentication for data centers will be introduced.

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