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Software Update

Released BioConnect 4.5

BioConnect Enterprise integrates the top biometric access control readers into over 80% of the access control market with 25+ of the leading providers.

New Integrations

  • FaceStation 2 Device Integration:
    • New Facial recognition device enabling local matching of up to 30,000 users 1:1
    • Multi-class card recognition
  • BioEntry P2 Device Integration:
    • New Fingerprint reader. Fast matching and certified for indoor use
    • Multi-class card recognition

New Features

  • In-app Support Videos:
    • In-app videos can be used as tools to better understand the functionality of the software to maximize the efficiency and security of your system
  • Card or Finger or ID+Pin:
    • New operation mode allowing for flexible authentication options on three-factor devices
  • Saved Configuration Settings during upgrade:
    • BioConnect will now give you the option to automatically save your data during system upgrades and when configuration changes are required
  • Bypass Card mode:
    • Enabling Bypass Card mode on your biometric device will allow your card number to pass through to your Access Control panel without matching in BioConnect