Add Biometrics to your Access Control System, Seamlessly

Your access control system is the most important security decision you will make. Manage and scale your biometric devices from a single integration point.

Integrate to Your Existing Access Control

With 25+ out-the-the-box integrations, BioConnect Enterprise enables you to seamlessly add biometrics to your current access control infrastructure for increased security.

Surpass the IT Requirements of Physical Security

BioConnect Enterprise provides cutting edge security technology, that creates the highest level of network, data and device protection in any biometric access system today.

Simple Synchronization of Data

Any changes, deletions, or updates made to users in your access control platform seamlessly synchronizes with your BioConnect Enterprise software.


Biometric Access Control Made Simple

Find out how you can easily add biometrics to your existing access control system.

What BioConnect Enterprise Can Do For You

Speak To And Manage Hardware

Simplify your process of capturing biometric templates and managing biometric devices. BioConnect eliminates the need to manage or manually synchronize two different user/credential data sets or databases.

Supports All Suprema Devices

BioConnect Enterprise enables you to gain access to the full range of Suprema hardware, as well as the BioConnect CabinetShield, all through a single-point of integration.

Manage User Information

Manage user information such as biometrics enrolled, active status, sort and filter. Click ‘Sync’ at any time to re-sync data with your ACM.

Simplify Your Access Control

BioConnect Enterprise comes pre-built to integrate into 25+ of the top access control solutions in the market.

Add Biometrics to Your Access Control System Today

What Our Customers Are Saying

The old access control systems were site dependent… we would essentially be swivel-chairing – we’d log into one software application to do non-biometric functions and then log into a second application to do a biometric function.

We’ve eliminated both of those in that one software suite now has hooks into the other, so it functions as a single piece of software.

Software Options

Licenses are purchased through our partners either as a package with biometric hardware, or by individual sale. To find out more contact our Channel Partners.




For small deployments or exploring the benefits as a free trial.


  • Trial Version available for one biometric device
  • Full Basic license available for up to 20 readers installed
  • Activate you license for 3 months of support (from initial activation date)




For medium-scale deployments for the enterprise.


  • Supports 21-50 biometric devices
  • Includes 1 year of support (from initial activation date)




For large-scale deployments for the enterprise.


  • Supports 51-100 biometric devices
  • Includes 1 year of support (from initial activation date)

Enterprise - SAS



For deployments of 100+ devices, contact sales for a custom package.


  • Supports 101-300 biometric devices
  • Includes 1 year of support (from initial activation date)

Our Biometric Products

Pick and choose your hardware preferences.


Devices fit for indoor and outdoor scenarios with IP65 and IP67-rated rugged device structures.

Face Recognition

IP-based facial recognitionbuilt for real-world applications. Includes with PIN/card capability.


Protect the facility from the front door to the server cabinet. Dual-factor (fingerprint + card).

25+ Software Integrations

With over 25 of the leading access control manufacturers, covering 80%+ of the ACM market.

Ready to Get Started?

Ask our biometrics experts how we can help.